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Located in the Province of Pescara, Abruzzo, Italy
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Sara Addario and Bonnie Rulli welcome you to our web page about our husbands' hometowns, Lettomanoppello and Roccamorice, known in the local dialect as Lu Lette and La Rocca.  We have been researching our husbands' families from these two adjacent towns for some time, and we have become very interested in the local history.  Unable to find much about these places on the Internet, we decided to start something ourselves, from the bits and pieces we've gathered from various sources and from our own visits there.

Between the two of us, we have been in contact with quite a few people whose ancestors came from Lettomanoppello and Roccamorice, or who themselves emigrated from these towns.  This page is for all of you who have connections to these places, and we hope that you will visit and leave suggestions and ideas when you sign the guest book.  If any of you have more information, family nicknames, pictures, anecdotes or stories about these towns that you would like to share, or surnames from these towns that you would like to post,  please send them to us so that we can post them on the appropriate page for all to share.  If you notice any errors or omissions, we would be pleased if you would tell us about them. 

We'll be adding more photos, surnames, family nicknames (Soprannome), pictures and stories as we get them or as you send them to us. Bookmark and  check back often.
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