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If you're researching your ancestors from La Rocca, we thought you might like to have their surnames posted on this page, so that others researching the same names can contact you. If so, please email the following information : the surnames of your ancestors, a little information about them if you have it, and your email and/or snail mail address.
Robin Piet
Salvatore Pietrangelo, born in 1841 in Roccamorice (the son of Vincenzo Pietrangelo and Maria Giustina DiMillo), married Pasqua Rosa DiGiovanni.  Salvatore's son, Vincenzo Pietrangelo, married Clara Ventura (daughter of Bartolomeo and Palma Ventura), and had a son, Salvatore Pietrangelo, who was born in 1899 in Roccamorice amd married in 1927 in Italy to Anna Maria Menna (who was born in 1911 in Minesota, U. S.).  See Robin's entry under the surname MENNA. 

Al (Alberto) Pietrangelo
I was born in La Rocca and the son of Angelo and Anna Pietrangelo 



Lisa Seymour
My father Anthony August Pietrangelo is the son of Augustino Pietrangelo and Assunta Roseti, all of Roccamorice. Augustino's father was Antonio Pietrangelo and he married Maria DiCarlo in 1921.
Antonio was the son of Francesco and Domenica Pietrangelo.Francesco died in 1921. See also Lisa's entry under DiCarlo/Pietrangelo. 

Sue Pietrangelo
Melbourne, Australia
My father-in-law, Carlo Pietrangelo (b. 1916, d. 1987), was the son of Rocco Pietrangelo and Francesca Di Carlo of Roccamorice.  Carlo married Nicoletta Trovarelli of Lettomanoppello, the daughter of Domenico Trovarelli and Carmella Di Pietrantonio. (See the Trovarelli / Di Pietrantonio entry on Lettomanoppello Surnames Pg. 3).
The other children of Rocco Pietrangelo and Francesca Di Carlo were: Nicolino, Giovanni, a daughter who emigrated to Canada, and Serafino, who emigrated to Australia. 

Anita Dunnigan
My grandfather was Antonio Pietrangelo(also called Giuseppe) and his wife was Angelina DiGiorgio.
They had 11 children with most living in Canada. My great grandfather was Francesco or also known as"Chic".His wife was called Cyreena (spelling?). Antonio's sopranomme was "Scatzut". 

Franco Pietrangelo
I write you from Luxembourg . My name is Franco Pietrangelo -born in Italy (Roccamorice the 9/1/1961)(3 brothers -Gianni ,Luciano and Franco)
My mother is  Antonietta DiPasquale.and my father Antonio Pietrangelo. His nickname  was "malerbe".
My grandparents are Solidea Di Giovanni (nickname- za santa)and Giovanni Pietrangelo .
I remember that my grandfather told me about a brother who went to America.

Maria (Corso) Carson
My maternal great grandparents and my grandmother and great aunt were born in Roccamorice. Guiseppe Antonio Pietrangelo ,born 1875 married Pasqua Rosa DiMillo ,born 1877 (daughter of Antonio DiMillo and Angelia DiPronia). Maria Concetta Pietrangelo ,born 1901 and her sister Roasaria ,born 1905. My grandmother and her sister arrived at Ellis Island 9-25-1913 and joined their parents in Duluth or Hibbing Minnesota. Their last name changed to Petrangelo. Seven more children were bornin Minnesota. The entire family moved to Palms (Los Angeles), California in the early 1920s. There were other related Pietrangelos who settled in the Buffalo, New York area whose last name changed to Peterangelo. I am looking for information regarding ancestry of Guiseppe and Pasqua Rosa as well as the related Minnesota Petrangelo's & the New York Peterangelos. 

Bonnie Rulli
Camillo Pietrangelo, born in 1856 in Roccamorice, married Santa Parete who was born in 1856 in Roccamorice.  These are the great grandparents of my husband. They had 3 children- Maria Lucia who married Domenico Antonio Rulli, Antonio (nickname="Ntoniarell) who married first Lucia DiPasquale and second Maria Concetta DiPasquale and Donato who married Antoniella DiPasquale. I have a large collection of Pietrangelo and Parete names from Roccamorice.  Like to hear from any Parete or Pietrangelos. 

Bonnie Rulli
Carmine Pietrantonio, born in 1748 in Roccamorice, married Angela Ventura, who was also born in Roccamorice.  Anyone interested in these names?  I have a large collection of Pietrantonio names. 

Jess Buccafurni
My great grandfather was Donato Romasco born in LaRocca 1905. My grandfather is Agostino Romasco born in Abbateggio in 1931 but grew up in LaRocca married to my nonna, Rosa Cafarelli born in LaRocca in 1930. 

Antonella D'Angelo Padula
My mother's parents are Antonio and Anna Rosati, they had nine children, Santa, Lucia, Maria, Donato, Vincenzo, Rosalia, Emedio, Alberto, and Pantaleone.

John Fragale
My mother was a Rosati and her parents  were Vincent Rosati and Antoinette DeCarlo of Roccamorice.

Carla Scheer
My grandparents wereJames Vincent rosati and Antoinette DiCarlo . They had 3 children Rosaria, Rita, and Edda.My Grandfather James Vincent owned alot of land in their home town in Italy.They moved to the US when my mom Rosaria was 13 years old. Anyone who lives in Roccamorice who knew them , please contact me . 
Pasquale Rosati, born October 17, 1909 in Roccamorice, son of Joe Rosati and Concetta DiGiorgio Rosati.  He had 7 brothers and 1 sister.   He  married Louise DiGiorgio in 1930.  Pasquale and Louise had 2 sons, both born in Italy: Tony and Francesco.  Louise emigrated to the United States and was followed by her two sons and husband. 

Marion Rosati
My husband, Frank, was born in Roccamorice in 1932. His parents were Pasquale and Louise (DiGiorgio) Rosati.They also had a son Anthony and a daughter Anna. They all came to the states and settled in Lockport, NY. 

Donald Di Lallo
My paternal grandparents were  Angela Rosati (orginally of Roccamorice) and Paolo Di Lallo (originally of Lettomanoppello). They had 7 sons(all born in Bolognano). My father Enzo was the oldest. 

Joanne DiGiovanni
My father Vittorio Rosati was born in Roccamorice to Emidio Rosati and Domenica DiMillo. My mother is Maria Ascenzo born in Abbateggio. My parents married in 1947 and came to New York City in 1956. We have many relatives in Toronto and Hamilton area of Ontario, Canada. 

Mauro Rosati
My parent's Pasquale Rosati & Rosalia Di Pasquale were married in  1952 and will celebrate 50 years of marriage on Dec, 08, 2002. 4 children, all born in La Rocca.We immigrated to Toronto in 1967. My Grandfather Antonio Rosati was  born in 1892. He fought in W.W.1. 

Lorena Rosati
My father is Alberto Rosati.  My mother is Annamaria Di Pasquale. 
My paternal grandparents are Antonio Rosati and Anna Di Pasquale.  They had nine children: Santa, Lucia, Maria, Donato, Vincenzo, Rosalia, Emidio, Alberto and Leo.
My maternal grandparents are Donato Di Pasquale and Rosalia Di Giovanni.  They had four children: Annamaria, Bartolomeo, Livia and Pietro.
They're all from Roccamorice.

Thomas V. Rosati
My grandparents were Donato Antonio Rosati, born 1870 and Elizabeth Ruggieri, born 1882. Both born in Roccamorice. They emigrated to New York where the name Rosati was changed to "Ross". They had 13 children and many moved to the Chicago area. My father was Valentine Anthony Ross, born in 1908. My great grandparents were Nicola Rosati and his wife Filomena Ventura . They had 5 children- Donato Antonio;  Luigi Antonio(born 1876) married Grazia Liberata Ruggieri ;  Francesco Bonaventura (born 1881) married Maria D'Alimonte ;  Daniel and Margaret. all were born in Roccamorice. Anyone with information on this family please contact me.
  See also Thomas' entry under RUGGIERI / ROSATI.

Gay Marquis
Donato Antonio Rosati and Elisabetta Ruggieri were my parents.General Donato Antonio Ruggieri was my mothers brother.Both of my parents came from Roccamorice.Decendents still living there. 

Janice Wakefield
My grandparents, Luigi Rosati, born February 18, 1876, and his wife Grazia Ruggieri, born August 22, 1878, were married on January 21, 1905 in Roccamorice.  Luigi was the son of Nicola Rosati and Filomena Ventura.  Grazia was one of 10 children of Giovanni Ruggieri and Carmina di Clemente.  Luigi's brother, Donato Antonio Rosati, was married on March 19, 1902 in Roccamorice to Grazia's sister, Elizabeth Ruggieri.  They all emigrated to the Rochester, New York area, and then moved on to Chicago.  I would enjoy hearing from anyone with more information regarding these families.  

Thomas V. Rosati
My great grandparents were Giovanni Ruggieri and Carmine DiClemente of Roccamorice. They had 9 children- Donato Antonio (born 1869); Francesco ; Anna (married Vincenzo DiPronio) ; Grazia (born 1878, married Luigi Antonio Rosati ); Elizabeth (born 1882, married Donato Antonio Rosati); Donato Emidio (born 1881); Biasino ; Rosaria  and Charles. All were born in Roccamorice. Elizabeth Ruggieri and Donato Antonio Rosati were my grandparents. Donato Antonio changed his name to Tony Ross after arriving in America. Anyone with information on this family please contact me. 

Bonnie Rulli
Fiorangelo Rulli, born 1821 in Turrivalignani, married Anna Gemma Pietrantonio, born 1826 in Roccamorice.  They had 7 children-Domenico Antonio who married Antoniella DiRocco, Chiara who married Luigi Pietrangelo ( see picture on Scrapbook Page 1) and   Santa Donata, Pasqua Rosa, Donato Antonio, Nicola Valentino and Anna Maria.  Anyone know what happened to these last 5 children?
Domenico Antonio and Antoniella had 3 children- Cesidio who married Anna Saveria Dalimonte and emigrated to Mass; U.S.; Filomena who married Sabatino DiMillo(name was changed to DeMille) and emigrated to Ontario , Canada and Domenico Antonio who married Maria Lucia Pietrangelo (see PIETRANGELO/PARETE entry.) 

Luigi D'Bartolomeo
My mother Anna Santangelo married Pasquale D'Bartolomeo. See Luigi's entry under D'BARTLOMEO / SANTANGELO. 

Rosanna S. Celluzzi
I am the duaghter of Vittorio Santangelo and Annamaria Fabiitti who were married in Roccamorrice 50 years ago on October 30th 1952. I was also born there on April 9, 1956. 

Luisa DiCarlo
My grandfather was Agostino Santangelo who married Elisa Giansante. My father was Emidio Santangelo who married Angela D'Attilio. See also Lusia's entry under D'Attilio and Giansante. 

Ettorino DiGiovanni
My wife is Silvana Simone, daughter of Donato Simone and grandaughter of Giovanni Simone; both born in Roccamorice. 

Rose Simone
My parents are Camillo Simone and Anna Simone.My grandfather was Rocco Simone who came to Niagara Falls after WW11 . Rocco was married to Maria Donata Farchione (also known as Antonella). Rocco's nickname was "Shukit". 

Dr. Rosanna Porretta
Any information that can be had on Domenica Nicolai and Camillo Simone would be appreciated.  Domenica's mother remarried when she was a young girl, therefore, it's unclear if she was actually from LaRocca or LuLette.  She lived in both towns. References to her as been Domenica d'albarose, La Struchine and Domenica Di Matte.    Married to Camillo Simone from LaRocca, together they had 10 children - Cesidio (Cid), Salvatore (Sam), Donato (Danny), Maria, Santino (Sandy), Agostino (Gus), Emilio, Angelina, Rosalia (Rosie), Pasquale (Pat).   Camillo was referred to as Camille de Tonde and Camille d'albarose.
The majority of the offspring have married piesani and familial intertwining has ensued with families Menna, Palumbo, Esposito, D'Alimonte (2) and DiGiovanni.
Cid, Sam, Danny, Sandy and Gus immigrated to Canada intermittent between the early and mid 50's, followed by their parents and younger siblings in 1957.  Any information on these families would be appreciated.   

Dorianna Simone
My father is Nunzio Simone, son of Pietro Simone and Anna DiMillo (both of Roccamorice). They had seven children - Querino and Antoinetta (DiNardo) (from Pietro's first wife Maria DiRenzo from Lu Lette), Maria (Rosati), Frank, Nick, Concetta (Paccamichio) and Nunzio. Maria, Frank, Nick and my father all emigrated to Toronto. My mom is Anna DiMatteo whose parents are Agostino DiMatteo (from Roccamorice) and Maria DiBartolomeo (from Manopello - deceased and dearly missed). They had four children; Rosalie (DiCarlo), Menica (Calabro), Anna, and Tony. Agostino and Maria emigrated to Niagara Falls. If anyone is looking for information on any of these families please e-mail and I will do my best to help. 

Peter Badame
My maternal grandparents are Maria DiNardo and Donato Simone , both born in Roccamorice. anyone with information please contact me. 

Melissa DiRocco
My grandparents are, on my mother's side, Giuseppe Tolomeo and Maria D'Angelo. 

Alane (Giancaterino) Gorman 
My grandparents are from there, my maternal grandmother was Melanina Ventura (nee Menna).  She married Luigi Ventura (we think his real first name was Saverio)  They were both born in the late 1800’s and emigrated to America in the early 1900’s.  Luigi had a brother that was called “Sandy”…not sure what the Italian name was…maybe Sandrine?  Luigi may have been from Chieti originally.
My paternal grandparents were Domenica and Vincenzo Giancaterino.  Domenica’s maiden name was Napoleone.  They were also from Abruzzi, I think one may have been from Chieti and one from Pescara, not sure.

Linda Ventura DiNunzio
Both my parents were born there Antonetta and Donato Ventura. my grandparents were Annantonia (D'Aloisio) and Luigi Ventura and Domenica(Mancini from lettomanopello) and Franseco Farchione, from Roccamorice.  My paternal uncle Guiseppe lives in La Rocca.

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